Histoire du Portugal

Follow Matilde and Ruben as they share with your family discoveries of the main events in the formation of the kingdom of Portugal and its evolution to the present day! With images, maps and drawings let them explain to you the invasion of the Romans, followed by the Muslims. They will tell you how Christian solidarity allowed the birth of the country as the great Portuguese discoveries amassed considerable riches, how the great earthquake and the French invasion weakened it, and why and to where the Portuguese fled the country in such numbers. This Portuguese diaspora are as proud and attached to their homeland as they can be! Their history is rich, full of interchange with all the other cultures of the world. One things is certain, the global Portuguese population represent many more than the ten million who presently live within her borders.

This first book in French is dedicated to our Portuguese French-speaking youth and to the French-speaking lovers of our dear country! The text has been written to be suitable reading from the age of 10 and up. The hard-cover binds 120 high-quality pages with colour illustrations by João Serrano, which will appeal to young and old. It is a beautiful gift to convey the love of the history of our illustrious homeland! And it is a good tool to discover or to rediscover, in French and with pictures, the history of our country, the country of our ancestors.

The history of portugal for children: First book to be addressed mainly to our Portuguese youth born and living in a French-speaking country. It can be a tool to remember or a gift that will help you pass on to your children and grandchildren … e com grande orgulho … the history of our beautiful country.