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The Cadamoste Éditions FAQ. Questions? Our answers!

Account creation:

Is registration available only for professionals?

  • Registration is available for professionals to facilitate recovery of VAT. In an approach where we want to facilitate the user’s journey of the data that only companies can provide are imposed during registration. All registrations are subject to data verification by our team.
  • Individuals are subject under French law to taxes during a purchase, they have no interest in creating an account on the cadamoste-editions.com site.

Which professionals can register?

  • Professionals from all walks of life, whatever their field of activity, can create an account on the cadamoste-editions.com website. There are no restrictions to date regarding professionals.

Why can’t individuals create an account on the site?

  • The site does not currently offer a single product, there is no real interest for a particular customer to have a customer account on the site.
  • Only professionals placing regular orders may require this type of service.
  • For all specific requests, please contact us from our contact forms (https://www.cadamoste-editions.com/contactez-cadamoste-editions/) or by email at “contact @ cadamoste-editions. com “.

The delivery:

Is the delivery method blocked for my Country is this normal?

  • The countries where a blockage appears in the customer’s purchasing journey are “independent principality” countries such as Andorra and Monaco. Our carriers like Colissimo have obtained these principalities as being a member of France. So that you are not blocked in the purchase tunnel, we advise you for these countries to replace “Andorra” / “Monaco” by “France”, while keeping the delivery address.

I can’t access the product page, how do I do it?

  • To access the product page, click on the “ordering” button on the main page (https://www.cadamoste-editions.com/) which directly inserts a product into the basket by redirecting you to the product page. also click on the basket button in the menu then click on the link of the sentence “You have not added a product to your basket? Click here to add it!” for automatically adding a product to the cart and redirecting it to the product page.

The purchasing tunnel:

I add products but the price does not change and when I confirm, I still have the number of initial products?

  • When you change the number of products in your basket, you must click on “Update basket” to confirm the change in quantity and thus update the total amount of purchases.

Why are quantitative offers not working?

  • The different offers are not cumulative (reduction on the product, promotion for professionals, specific promotional code), the basket does not combine offers.
  • Some offers may be specific to a customer or a group of customers, so it is possible that the promo code inserted is not available for your purchase or that it is more topical.
  • For any problem related to the purchase, do not hesitate to contact us from our contact forms (https://www.cadamoste-editions.com/contactez-cadamoste-editions/) or by email at “contact @ cadamoste-editions.com ”.

The book:

 From what age is the book intended for the conference?

  • The book “The Extraordinary History of Portugal” falls into the Youth category. The book is suitable for adolescents, but it can be read from the age of 10, but these children may need support for the explanation of certain terms.
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